Clear outdoor roller blinds.

Controlling outdoor blinds: hand, crank, spring, or motor?

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Once you've chosen the material for your blinds, you then need to decide on how you will operate them.
Different controlling mechanisms suit different situations, so find out here how to decide which option will work best for your space.

Channel-It Blinds

Channel-It blinds are our most popular option. They have unmatched protection against the elements, perform better in windy environments than the other options, and do not sag due to the unique ability to tighten.

  • They are operated by crank handle or awning stick (you may have seen these in cafe's and restaurants) which connects to a gearbox fitted inside the top bar.
  • The sides of the blinds run down inside aluminium channels to block the gap between blind and post, stopping any rain or wind coming through.
  • The specially extruded bottom bar has slide tongues that lock into the side channels which allows the blind to be tightened with a half-turn of the crank handle.
  • PVC clearglass channelled outdoor blinds.

Crank Rolled

Crank rolled blinds are a simple, flexible and more economic version of the Channel-It blind system. 

  • No side channels means no posts required on either side to attach to. 
  • Clipped to the ground with a flat-hinged D ring to ensure there is no tripping hazard. 
  • Operated with an awning stick, when rolled up, it's like they were never there. 

Hand-rolled Blinds

  • Outdoor PVC blinds.

Hand-rolled outdoor blinds are the most economical option for outdoor blinds. They work best in areas where there’s not a lot of thoroughfare – so you don’t have to roll them up and down all the time.

  • They have a fabric pocket at the bottom with a weighted aluminium tube to keep the fabric nice and tight, even when rolled up. 
  • Connected at the bottom with clips, much like the Crank Rolled option. 
  • Held up with Velcro ties, which can be customised to multiple heights.
  • Also come with zips and guides on the sides, if you wish to have the gaps filled in between blind and post. 

Spring Tensioned Blinds

Slide your blind up and down with one hand. 

These blinds have a spring-loaded roller and aluminium side channels, they glide smoothly and stay in any position you choose.

  • Slide locks click in on either side at the bottom to secure them in a down position.
  • Available up to 3m wide in clear PVC or 4m wide in mesh.
  • Easy to operate, but you cannot tighten them do have a tendency to sag over time and are not good in high-wind zones.