Outdoor Blinds and Privacy Screens

Spend more time outside – transform your outdoor living area into a room!

Entertain guests year-round, no matter the weather. Outdoor blinds or privacy screens keep you dry & warm in winter, and cool in summer, as well as protecting your outdoor furniture from weathering. With the ability to adjust the breeze or light that comes in, louvre screens and drop curtains let you control the temperature of your environment so you can use it anytime.

Extend your living area and take full advantage of your space. Make your outdoors functional by partitioning off your deck or use screens to create different zones. Nosy neighbour? Keep eyes from prying into your outdoor living area with a PVC, mesh, timber or custom laser-cut aluminium privacy screen.

Whether you want to create a well-designed space or add a touch of style, blinds and screen are a cost-effective way to add value to your home. With so many designs and materials to choose from, chat to us about your needs and we will create something to suit your lifestyle.

Custom-made designs for a perfect fit

5-10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Expert advice and installation

Pergola Enclosing Options:

Outdoor blinds

Popular with businesses, drop curtains are an affordable way to create a cosy room. Need shelter, but want a view? PVC clearglass curtains keep rain and wind out, but retain that outdoor feeling. Mesh is a better option when it comes to durability, UV protection and privacy. Coloured PVC hides untidy areas or makes a great movie screen for a projector. You can control your blinds by hand, crank, spring, or motor. And, the operational hardware and fabrics come with a five or ten year warranty. Note that PVC drop curtains are not suitable in extreme wind conditions. Warranties don’t cover wind damage, so roll them up in storms. The life span of an awning is determined by the quality of it’s fabric and components. Over time your awning will be exposed to humidity, rain, solar radiation, heat and pollution.

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Timber trellises and screens

Incredibly private, cost-effective, and versatile – wooden trellises are a popular addition to the Kiwi backyard. The standard height is 1.8 meters and there are two types of trellis, lattice or oriental. You might recognise the traditional lattice trellis, thanks to its diamond pattern. While the oriental trellis has a modern look with horizontal slats. Whether you want to create an atmosphere outside, give your yard a finished look, or create a garden partition – you can achieve so much with the modest trellis.

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Aluminium or glass privacy screens

These top-notch, highly-customisable screens compliment the modern Auckland home. We have three types of screens to choose from, laser cut aluminium sheets, louvres panels or glass screens with aluminium framing. Decorative laser cut screens create stunning feature walls. Design a pattern yourself or get our experienced specialists to create one. Otherwise, opt for a louvre screen; the clean, straight lines of louvre panels give outdoor spaces a minimal look. Get added functionality with movable louvres, so you can adjust the shutters to control the elements. Or, install fixed louvres for a more stable privacy or weather barrier. We can powder coat screens to match your existing joinery or spouting.

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What our customers are saying

“Amazing work, looked after me from the get go and assisted me with any queries I had. Superb job! Friendly service and all round very happy with the outcome of our project” – Brooke, No Cowboys review

Need advice about outdoor blinds or privacy screens?

Things to consider before choosing awnings

We will help you to choose from our range, but here’s what to think about:

  • Sun orientation and how much shade you want.
  • The awning’s projection when fully opened – this varies and is determined by the system you choose.
  • Dimensions – choose an awning that fits your dimensions perfectly, so it’s effective.
  • Awning weight – make sure the mount location can handle the load.
  • Colour and finishes – choose an awning that compliments its surrounds.